Bradford, England

i am going through chemotherapy at the moment and my hair is falling out i am embarrassed enough when the security guard came up to me and told me to *** my hat i did try to explain i had a problem without going into detail and as he is telling me this an older gentleman walked past with a cap on why was he not asked to remove his cap he must have looked more respctable than myself i am really annoyed & embarrassed & i will never be shopping there again its the aldi store on laird street wirral

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Did you not later admit that your hat had a racial slur on it?


what if it was religious headgear - what would happen then?


Oh Jon D. You're an ***.

The "security" at Aldi's is nothing like an airport and you are nothing like TSA. If you truly represent Aldi's, what a shame.


I think you should contact your local cancer society, and your local news station. Not only shouldn't a cancer patient be put through the humiliation of what you had to go through, but when on chemotherapy, people are more suseptible to colds, so you shouldn't have to take your hat off. :( :( :(


I will never shop there again because of your story. You should post this story on as many sites as you can, so it shows up in the search engines. I am on chemo too, but I was luckys and didn't lose much hair, but I bought a lot of hats in case I did.


We do this for the same reasons that the TSA makes everyone remove their hats. This is for security reasons.

Our security as well as your own.

We don't have metal detectors at our doors and we don't know what you have hidden under your hat! The fact that you're self conscious about your appearance is not our concern.

John N

I have noticed of late the total lack of respect by not only the young, but old men who wear baseball caps while not only in stores, but while eating in restaurants. This is a symptom of our decline as a nation, but what do we expect when discipline has gone out the window? Contact corporate and complain, tho to lose one person's business is nothing to a large chain.

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