Spartanburg, South Carolina
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I occasionally shop at Aldi in Spartanburg, but have decided it's just not worth the money saved! Every time I shop it's impossible to move around the store because of pallets of merchandise sitting everywhere.

I understand they have to restock, but doing so during peak business hours is a pain in the butt for customers. My last trip (and it will be my last) my cashier was a girl named Adriana who was apparently having a real bad day. I said hello as I always do, she looked up and smirked at me. I was carrying a very brightly colored plastic bag that obviously was not one purchased there and she asked, very rudely, did you bring that with you?

I wanted to respond "why yes... I brought it with me. Did you bring your bad attitude? She literally threw my receipt at thank you..nothing!

Can't imagine why this person chose customer service as a job choice.

Will not return. Hey Adrian or whatever your name suck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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I have had them myself just like everyone else we do everything in the store I even had a customer come behind me when I was pulling empty boxes and said excuse me and I said yes sir can I help you with something and he just told me yes he's a paying customer and you need to get out of my *** way we do get stuff like that from time to time and it does make us feel horrible to be talked to like that we are people and it is sort of like our second home and I no one likes to be treated horribly especially in there own home


I do work for Aldis and im not attacking you I do know some cashiers can be rude but we do have to ask and usually we have to check them cause we have had people bring bags and stuff product it and due to the fact she didnt ask you makes me think she didnt think you would do that and as a cashier we can just work in the back and there is not after dark shift and people do have facial problems and sometimes it's not we have an attitude problem maybe we just had a bad day with costumers and we don't feel like smiling but we try hard to do it anyways


Seriously referring to the cashier as a girl, a child, someone who probably is more mature than you? Get help.

Your last paragraph makes me wonder if you are six years old. Stop calling young women girls when you behave that age.


Come on give the person a break.Girl,child,this p.c. *** is just B.S. Maybe this is an old *** complaining and everyone under 50 is a kid.You must be a load of laughs at a party.

First B
@Yankee go home

I don't think the OP Vicky gets invited to parties with her attitude.


Great... If your gonna "vent" because you didn't get your kissed, prepare to deal with comments!


Ohhhh. We all impressed with your comment you DIDNT make! How witty!


***...maybe you should apply at Aldis. I'm guessing you would be a perfect fit...


Ohhh more wit! Nobody is buying you won't be back..

Trailer trash like yourself always goes back! You'll be back by Monday!


Seriously? You have nothing better to do than troll sites where people vent?

So you can critique (look that word up if you can find a dictionary) peoples complaints??? Get a freakin life and grow the *** up!

You were not part of this shopping experience, the site is for complaints and it's really none of your business. You must be one bored human being.


Talk about bad attitudes. Have you checked yours recently?

Did you stop to think that the cashier could have a problem with facial muscles and what you referred to as a smirk could be a result of that? But no, you are so perfect you right away assume she was having a bad day. As far as that goes, when I worked in retail and fast food, I didn't care if the customer greeted me or not. I was there to serve them not to socialize.

You were the one that was rude, when you asked the cashier if she brought her bad attitude. You had real smart mouth when you said that and there was no reason for it.

Apparently it didn't occur to you that when she asked if your brought bag with you, that was her way of making conversation. You do know, don't you, that not everybody is as perfect as you.


Facial muscle problem???? LMAO!!!

I wasn't there to socialize either, but as I did speak to her the least she could have done was responded. I did'nt ASK her about her bad attitude, I said I thought about asking it. Maybe you should go back and read it again.

And when you do, please note that nowhere did I state that I was perfect.


I can see where her attitude came from, she probably did not want to deal with someone like you, people do have facial muscle problems and you to make fun of them makes me wonder if you are six years old or just an adult whose parent did not teach you any better while you were young. Judging from your attitude you can be any one of them.

No one is trolling your review, you obviously have attitude with everyone.

You tell others to grow up when you act like you are six years old. Ironic.


Another foolish reply to my review, if the cashier had facial muscle problems than she should be working in the background (stocking, overnight, away from customers so the customers don't have to see her deformed face, and so her deformed face does not scare children and have them end up with psychological scars. Seriously losers, don't you have better things to do than to harass innocent people who post on this site. Grow up idiots.

First B

She did not ask that question but wanted to. Seemed like both parties had an attitude. It is obvious that Vicky has attitude when she laughed at the thought that the person could have facial muscle issues, and Adrian was rude.((then again we are only getting one side of the story here.)


Your correct " Anonymous to LouSkunt69"

I bet this is all he does "LouSkunt69".Most probably lives at home with Mother in a trailor park. "Wears the tornado already"


Hahaha. Oh Nils you are soooo funny!


Amazing how much one can "assume." I'm very much female and I live with my spouse. Wears the tornado?

That should be where's the tornado. Perhaps you should invest in a dictionary. Both you and *** need to get a life! And I did go to the store after know...

that job thingy that people have to have to support deadbeats like you....but I went to Publix. With that said, I'm bowing out of this *** contest. I'm clearly outnumbered by imbeciles by at least 10 to 1..Think I'll read a book instead. Maybe you try it.

Maybe start with something simple.

Dr. Suess perhaps?


My reply was to " Anonymous to LouSkunt69"

Don't blame me for the site mix up.


I guess "LouSkunt69" was correct about you.And for your information I work and have always paid my own way, something I bet you can't say.As far as "I'm very much female" I was referring to what you were born as.And if you didn't understand the joke "Wears",explaining it would not help you.

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