Spartanburg, South Carolina
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I occasionally shop at Aldi in Spartanburg, but have decided it's just not worth the money saved! Every time I shop it's impossible to move around the store because of pallets of merchandise sitting everywhere.

I understand they have to restock, but doing so during peak business hours is a pain in the butt for customers. My last trip (and it will be my last) my cashier was a girl named Adriana who was apparently having a real bad day. I said hello as I always do, she looked up and smirked at me. I was carrying a very brightly colored plastic bag that obviously was not one purchased there and she asked, very rudely, did you bring that with you?

I wanted to respond "why yes... I brought it with me. Did you bring your bad attitude? She literally threw my receipt at thank you..nothing!

Can't imagine why this person chose customer service as a job choice.

Will not return. Hey Adrian or whatever your name suck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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Oh I'm sure you went to Publix and hassled the cashier there too because she asked how many bags you had... Then you took it as she was being rude and you came up with another wonderfully witty and ironic line, but you didn't actually say it, like you did at Aldis...

As far as being a deadbeat, just because people think you're a f.ucking miserable c.unt, now we need to get a life?

Ok... Enjoy your spouses rubber c.ock tonight!

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