Sydney, New South Wales
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I have recently been to your aldis store, and while finding some nice products and deals , and great prices. Once getting to to the checkout it was like a coldness, and almost robotic response from the person behind counter!!

I have tried different stores, and exactly the same thing all are non responsive and no smiles.

If you want my business and others share my views start by fixing your workers and training them to be human like Coles and Safeway.

I know many friends and other people I have met have the same experience .

It's a shame !!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Or Aldi's is for people who are there to save money on their grocery bill. I want groceries, I go to the grocery store, if I want pampered I go to a spa, if I need a best friend I have a handful to choose from. I don't need my grocery store providing that for me.


Their business model consists of fast, minimal service with few staff for customers. No phone calls, fast checkout and low prices to match.

If you like Safeway and Coles, shop there for the extra customer service. You will not be missed, but Aldi is not for everyone, just cheapskates.

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