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I am really upset and will never go to Aldi again. I have noticed customer service is not very good at Aldi.

Sometimes the cashiers behave as they are doing me a favour when scanning the items for me. All i asked the cashier was for help in getting a trolley and he made all the faces on me as if i asked him for free stuff. He got angry and started talking with other customers about me asking for the trolley. I hated that and felt like ***.

That ugly person ruined my evening. I wish he has his evening gets ruined as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

  • Aldis always poor customer service
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Always entertaining when people find something wrong and finish with "never going there again". We do NO live in a perfect world and with that attitude, one would have to stay home permanently.

I had a negative experience with ALDI once, but rather than making this big news here, I contacted Aldi customer service.

Problem resolved in 24 hours and I still go there and shop for my basics. Well, and I also let them know when i had very good experiences with their hard working personnel.

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