Miami, Florida

On April 17 I was in your Pembroke pines it was around 3 pm, cashier was changing shifts,the new cashier was so unfriendly she didn't say hi , she made a mistake on my receipt while she was fixing she did not say a word at all, she told me the total with bad tone ,I paid, she didn't thank me, horrible experience, I know customer service in all Aldis are poor because they always scan items as fast as they can but her attitude was uncomfortable. Aldi's is not the only supermarket in the area and she remind me of that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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at Aldi from Coral Way Miami, they scan the same product two or three times, overcharging you. Check your receipt before you leave from the store.


I got a bill that shows LtdEd Fall FestTw1 3 times and charges 0.99 each time?

What does this mean?????????????


Looks like ALDI workers are replying to your complaint with more abuse, but don’t worry because you are not alone. Many people are now complaining about the rude customer service they have been subjected to by ALDI staff; I noticed they are getting complaints from around the globe and the situation seems to be that ALDI either ignore the complaint or further abuse the complainant.

I experienced appalling service in their Ferntree Gully Store yesterday and called customer service today to complain only to be fobbed off and hung up on. It took them 20 minutes to answer my call then they hung up on me. This is not good so I rang them back and asked to speak to a manager but this time I was put on hold for 35 minutes, then told no one could take the call. I will never shop in ALDI again because it’s not worth it.

I don’t think ALDI will stay around for too long if they continue abusing their customers and I will be glad to see them go.


I have never had trouble at aldi with customer service; however, I suggest people who can't at least fake a smile should not work with people (aka customer service) I think the replies here are childish. I worked in customer service and without customers it's equivalent to no pay....


If you have to come here to complain about her not saying 'hi' and no 'thank you' and by that you felt uncomfortable, you must be one desperate lonely person. :sigh


Give her a break, maybe she was a little discombobulated since she had just started her shift and taken over the register. Maybe she had been called in on her day off and was trying to get her bearings.

And please do not make the blanket statement that you know customer service in all Aldi stores are poor because that is not true. I have been in several different Aldi stores and have had good service.


Oh my! Did she look at you wrong too?


Ha Ha very good.Just what I was thinking.

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