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The Aldi store in Prairie Du Chien Wisconsin had 12 once packs of Parkview hotdogs for 75 cents a pack do to the fact I was in a hurry I failed to read over the end total. Which I found to be wrong instead of being charged for 2 packs I was charged for 27 packs 25 more than I intended to perches Have been unable to contact store manager I feel that the Aldi store did not take time to check there mistakes My question is if I was over charged 17.00 plus dollars how many other were over charged the same.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Hot dogs and perch. Sounds fishy to me.


I have found the cashiers to be efficient and even the clearance prices to show up every time. I would think they could have checked inventory and realized the mistake. Anyways 75 cents a pack is a *** deal.


Some of ALDI tools are extremely bad manufactured

and dangerous to user.

To get any compensation for faulty tool or injury

from Aldi is impossible.

Lawyers will give advice but will not take Aldi on.




Maybe if you learned to spell at a 3rd grade level we would take you seriously.


Wow, you must have been in a hurry. This can probably be fixed in person, but the store will probably not answer the phone.

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