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If you shop at Aldi, you know their fruits and vegetables are mostly pre-packaged, so when one piece of fruit turned moldy, they throw away the whole package, and it is not unusual to find dozens of packages of oranges, apples, peppers, green beans, etc. being thrown into the dumpster.

Meanwhile, we hear about how some people don't have enough to eat, even in the US. They could have donated them to local food pantry, homeless shelter, food bank. I am sure these places will be happy to take them, sort them, give them away to people in need. But in stead, they are just being tossed into the dumpster.

I suppose they figure if they give away food, less people will be buying them, it will be less profit for them? I refuse to buy from such a wasteful company, and I urge all of you out there to do the same.

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if they did donate expiered food, people like you would be the first to *** and whine


I pretty much find about %90 of my monthly groceries in the Aldi dumpster. Also, I find appliances etc in there as well.

Had to buy another freezer for all my meat! ;)

@Ryan L

my percentage rate is like 99%


I have furnished my kitchen with small appliances that were tossed into Aldi's dumpster simply because they were perhaps scratched or their outer boxes were damaged. Aldi is an unbelievably wasteful business.

@John Marshall

I opened a mini appliance store in my local craigslist and I have many returning and happy customers

I don't have to add that the supply source of my merchandise is my local ALDI dumpster .... :)


How do you know I haven't? Open your eyes, read the news about how much food this country waste, not just Aldi.

You think they only throw out spoiled food, so naive, ask other dumpster divers, do they only find spoiled food? If they do, no one will bother dumpster diving!


It's not just food. I have retrieved from the dumpster of my local Aldi a large number of small household appliances/kitchen appliances that were tossed out simply because the boxes the appliances were in were slightly damaged/torn/wet.

I have kept some of the appliances for my use and sold the remainder on Craigslist. Thanks, Aldi!


You do not know why the items are in the dumpster. There are reasons products go into the dumpster versus being donated.

If you are personally shopping through dumpster diving, be advised that not only rotten food items get pitched in, but personal trash such as used Depends, sanitary items, etc. retrieved from the bathroom wastecans and outside trash receptacles. There has been more than one occasion when I have emptied the bathroom recpetacles and have noticed underwear filled with excrement in them. Going through a private dumpster is illegal and there is a reason for that.

If you are thinking you are getting a great deal on free food, well, think again. Dumping your own trash into a private dumpster is also illegal.


I don't give a *** if it's "illegal"

I will always contest wastefulness in this country

put me in a jail for it

go ahead !


I am glad in our area, Walmart have been donating the dumpster bound food to food pantry, and volunteers are sorting and giving away these food to whoever wants free food. Unfortunately, Aldi would not do the same.


food banks/homeless shelters would NOT take that food. They are not in the process of sorting fruit and there is a legitimate health concern in that regard, that's why they typically ask for nonperishables.

The only thing they could do is maybe make the dumpsters accessible to freegans and sort the garbage in some way as to say not mix raw meat and food to make it simpler, but why should they? Also everything you just said is true of almost every supermarket.

@Informed ***sumer

everybody in America is so "health concerned"

if you really are - force your government to implement universal health care



Oh and by the way, yesterday I just salvaged over 40 avacados, not even ripe! Just in one day, that's the avacado load I hauled!!!


Hey, I totally agree with the wastefulness problem. I try not to buy anything from them unless I simply cannot help it, but instead I go straight back to the dumpster and salvage the food! I sort through it and use what I can and give the rest to people I know who can't afford produce and good food otherwise.


I Throw out bad produce, dated meat, bread, torn open packages, thawed out freezer items, or recalled items every morning. We throw these away for the health and welfare of the consumer.

Giving it to a shelter or a food shelf would be equivalent to you giving your sour, unspent milk to someone and calling it generosity. Take the blindfold off and use it to patch your bleeding heart

@Aldi Employee

hey, ALDI employee

have your head checked

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