Beloit, Wisconsin
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For a number of years I have purchased Willow facial tissue v/s Puff's brand.

About 2 months ago I noticed the change in the product that is 8.6"x8.4". The box states it is 2 ply (184 tissues) BUT it is so very thin you need to use TWO tissues to simply blow your nose. I realize that is good for Aldi's as one has to use twice the product thus the customer has to buy 2 times the product for the same results.

The same brand tissue in the cube shaped box reads 3ply on the package (75 tissues) and I have yet encountered a change in product.

Please reply to this message and it is my hope you will have the manufacturer supplier make the original product once again as I enjoy shopping at our Beloit, WI Aldi store.

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Agreed. Just noticed the change from soft tissues to rough,scratchy.

Will not buy them - I'll pay more somewhere else. Life's too short to use sandpaper on my nose.


I agree the tissues have changed, they are suddenly thin, hard and rough. NOT up to Aldi's quality standards. I'm going to return the two boxes I bought today.


I just put 2 new boxes of Willow tissues in the trash. They were stiff and had an odor similar to dried corn stalks....I have been buying this brand.for over a year and they had been good. These 2 new boxes were terrible.


Willow has changed their tissues. They are rough and not soft like they use to be.

We always purchased them and noticed they were not available for some time.

When they were restocked the new tissue is not the same, hard and rough. Very disappointed!


I bought willow tissues for the 1st time.purchased it at aldes I was disappointed the tissues are rough and I felt they should've cost less. Im Sad to I will not be buying them any more.


I just opened the Cube box of willow tissues.... I have been buying this brand for almost 10 years. To my disappointment I noticed that they were completely different could not find the 3-ply it seem to be two very thin sheets the texture feels different they're not soft anymore I am very disappointed it seems like Dollar Store tissue or Hospital tissue please bring the willow 3-ply soft tissues back that I have recommended to so many people!




Today is July 17 2016 and I have bought Aldi Willow tissues for years BUT over the last year, I have been SO disappointed. They tissues and strong enough to 'stay up' when one is pulled out.

Therefore, they fall into the box. When you reach in to pull out just ONE, because they are so THIN, you get a bunch of them. Then what? You have to set them on top of the box, and it just looks unsightly.

I would rather pay a little more for something that is quality. Disappointed.

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