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You will work your *** off for approx $12 hr. And will earn every single penny.

You are hired as a associate which means 80% cashier 20% cleaning, forklift, unloading, stocking, boxing store. Cleaning up bathrooms behind disgusting people who come in off the street to use the restroom only. The managers all make their shifts between 6am-2pm and conveniently work on produce from 6am-9am. The store hours are 9-9 everyday.

The associates unload 9ft palattes and restock shelves from 6am-9am. The managers then go into the office when the store opens at 9 and *** till 10. Then come out and take a break. And do a little filling in on the register due to lack of staff.

Managers of the stores are never working nights/evenings when it is unreasonably busy and crowded with customers with all sorts of demands and questions. The staff is usually 3 people no matter what store or location. I worked at the busiest store in Mesquite Texas 3635 Gus Thommasson Rd. What a nightmare!

This store is tragic and chaotic. The screaming children and volume of customers is insane. I worked here for over 6 months, Highly staffed is having a mid shift person from usually 10-6, which helps very little because this person has to work on the register. This store is hit at night hard with customers who destroy all the work previously put in?

So After being on the register as late as 9:15pm you then have to clean up. You can complain and ask for help but they will make you work double. It's the worst management ever. The management and upper management iare living in a bubble and pretend that they don't see the issue with completing all the work by closing.

It's a joke I was glad they fired me because they are so *** they lose triple the money daily they would if they adequately staffed their stores. Daily you will have to throw out high priced meats, refridgerated products because the customers pick up things and are too lazy to put them back. So they throw food in the freezer, behind boxes etc. if the store was properly staffed you could catch all the loss.

The staff usually is pitted against each other to place blame. Upper Management tries to play head games to get the lower managers to make you work harder but it backfires. It makes the staff hostile and disgruntled. They have a policy to cut your shift and send you home if their estimated budget of the day is not being met.

The most ridiculous method because again they save $22 for 2 hrs and lose hundreds in misplaced products. Did I mention you are expected to clean, mop, sweep, scrape and work as Maintenance because they are too cheap and *** to hire cleaning staff. You will be using every second of your day busy doing some type of labor. You do get a half hour break to scoff down your food like a animal.Every Aldi is the same across the country.

The hours are not fair they are based on butt kissing and politics. You will never spend time with your children or family and if you do get off early you will be too dead to do anything but sleep. The shift managers are above the cashiers/associates then their is a MT manager Manager in training who is under the Manager of the store. Watch out for the MT's they are usually butt kissers waiting to get promoted to Manager of Store and are bitter because it's taking so long to get their own store to run.

Run as fast as you can when you see a Aldi job fair. They put people through *** in the hiring process and no one stays longer than btw 1-4ys max.

The turnover is high because the work is too much and the pay is no where enough for the amount of work you do. If you don't believe me ask anyone who has worked there.

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I work for Aldi as well. Everything stated is remotely true!

Except I had to scoff at the break part rarely do we get breaks uninterrupted so it's more like you maybe if you're lucky get 10 free minutes to eat something and don't you dare try to buy it from there without having customers yelling at you to open your line. I'm on break!!!!


No sympathy from me. You were making $12 an hour whereas cashiers doing the same job at competitor supermarkets make about $8.

For the position you held, you were well-paid. Many people would say you were overpaid.

#1185219 were fired....That says it all..

Where are the complaints before you were FIRED!

I am sure that there are bad parts of any job. were guess that says it all about your character.

Also...nice spelling!


I also worked for Aldis in Texas for 9 months, the work is grueling and the money is not worth it. I thank Aldi for pushing me to finished my degree.

I'm now working my dream job, great benefits and a hour lunch break! plus I can work from home occasionally. The problem with Aldi is the management. It's poorly managed and is overseen with District Managers that are so far removed from the reality of the store daily business.

They lose great employees by demanding unrealistic work from them. You are required to ring for up to 7 hours of your day as a cashier plus keep the store spotless and orderly for when the idiotic District Managers or some bigwig decides to float in. I has a shift manager that would get angry if I needed to take 1 restroom break during my shift. I know what you mean about jail.

At least in jail you can use the phone. When I worked at Aldi we only had 3 people working at a time daily, the Manager of the store would come in at 6 and leave at 1 and never work nights. I hated closing shift. With only 2 cashiers and 1 shift manager we would have 4 huge carts of put backs by the end of the night which took us a hour to restock but most of it was perishables found around the store by customers.

Cheese, fruit, eggs, meat, milk, icecream, yogurt it was insanity the amount of food we trashed because of the horrible customers. I took so much pride in trying to keep that store neat but it was a losing battle from the lack of staff. I voiced my concerns with management numerous times to be shut down and told work more, work harder. We were all living off of red bull to get through the day.

I can thank Aldi for my current employment.

I'm just glad I'm not there anymore. I rarely shop there anymore because if gives me chills when I step into one.

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