Nashville, Tennessee

I work for an outside contract firm cleaning up the Aldis Warehouse in Mt Juliet, TN.

Even though I enjoy working there, THERE are several problems that I feel Corporate should know about.

WE (Outside Firm), can not take a break or lunch the same time that ALDIS employees does and WE get treated like lepers...WHY?

The 2nd thing is as a custodian it is very hard to clean the women's restrooms (I am a male). If I am in there cleaning and 1 woman walks in (without knocking or something) I am expected to stop what I am doing JUST FOR HER......THIS IS WRONG......

3rd thing is this, I have worked for a well known (over 100 year old University) and those people are more courteous than the peple that work at Aldis....WHY?

I DO NOT KNOW WHO wrote this contract with Aldis and why we are treated so badly, but this needs to STOP.......Never have I experienced such a bunch whiners, cry baby's and and General A****holes in all my life and I have been doing custodial work for OVER 20 years.

They even complained because they had to use single ply toilet paper.....REALLY?, Single ply? OMG, their butts are to good for this? They HAVE TO HAVE 2-ply?....REALLY?

I may only make 9.00 per hour at this job and I KNOW some ALDIS Employees make up to 16.00 per hour, but the fact remains....WE ARE THERE FOR BOTH the customers and a lively hood.

This matter needs to be dealt with ASAP.

Just to add insult to injury this online report will be followed by other posts through electronic media and other means......UNFAIR TREATMENT........

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I was harrassed and given a notice by the police for ringing the buzzer at 9;05 so I could use the bathroom before I shop, I trie to get in at 5 to 9 when another employee was going in and they said i could not come inat 9;05 the manager came out with another woman and started screaming at me about ringing the buzzer then put herself in front of me and would not move every time i tried to go around her she got in front of me , then said dont touch me which i did not, there are no men working in this store, wondser why

they said i cause trouble when i come there WRONG 2 months ago i was going in and a woman said watch the snake okm i said , i did see this same manager in the store and told her they have a snake in the store , she went with a shovel and had someone kill it then came to me and said it was not poisonousI said not my business , so now they acuse me of making trouble when i tried to help them

i will never go in this store again until

they have a manager that know s how to communicate with people.


First off it's Aldi.. Not ALDIS.

No S buddy. ANd if you hate your job so much, then quit? Real Aldi Employees have great benefits and make double what you do. So stop your ***, because your "complaints" that you feel corporate should know about are not even legitimate.

You have to stop cleaning because a female walks into the restroom? Please, guy oh heaven forbid THATS YOUR JOB! Us women have medical and personal issues & might need to go to the bathroom ASAP. ANd who gives a *** about the toilet paper.

If you let these little things in life bother you, you'll never go far. And change your name.

You're clearly not an Aldi employee or you'd be much happier. :p

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