Celina, Ohio

While discussing food prices with friend, I mentioned Aldis, in Celina, OH. she then told me she refused to set foot in store.

Her family had bought groceries there and found worms in food. Then when they went to cook frozen meat in stew, it was rancid and stunk up whole house. This family wound up disposing 80.00$ worth of groceries. There are other stories circulating in this area of people actually getting worms and going to hospital for it.

Corporate needs to do some MAJOR housecleaning.

Their vendors need to be taken to task as well. things are hard enough without wasting time, extra gas etcetra because of this.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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How does one not notice rancid meat; even when frozen?


So you are reporting what a friend told you? And you didn't have first-hand knowledge of this?

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