Jacksonville, Florida
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No employee courtesy if you ask any questions. Their cart policy is worst in the world.

They don't have even baskets too.. you have to take cart by paying quarter and who remembers to bring quarter in their pocket.. It is worst policy. They should keep at lest big free baskets to shop around..

I never shop in ALDI even though they give items for free.. If I ask question at the counter they don't care and the worst policy is they don't accept credit cards too.

It is waste of time and gas if you go with out quarter in your packet..

Reason of review: cart policy and not able to provide baskets at least.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Rude employee, Extremely rude cashier.

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These policies have worked well in Europe and Canada for several years and are meant to reduce costs for the store. If you do not like them, shop elsewhere. I wish an Aldi was close by, but Winco is a good option for me.

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